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Dune Tours


Be sure to book a dune tour while visiting Provincetown. The dunes of the National Seashore are stunning and have a rich and remarkable history. Part of the reason that Provincetown became such a renown art colony is the peace and inspiration artists were able to find in the nature that surrounds it. Many artists, including writers Eugene O’Neill and Harry Kemp escaped the world, including luxuries such as running water and electricity and isolated themselves in the dune shacks, some of which can still be seen today.

In addition to the rich cultural history the dunes represent, their stunning beauty that drew artists to them to begin with still remains. Enjoy the tremendous scenery and abundant wildlife in the dunes. Tall shimmering grasses blow in the Cape Cod breeze and beach plums trees, cranberries, and pines take root in the sandy soil. The sea sparkles on the horizon as you drive over the crest of a particularly tall dune, and sometimes, you can see whales and seals from this vantage point. Hundreds of species of birds, including owls and birds of prey make their home in the dunes, and coyotes, foxes, even deer have also been spotted.

While in Provincetown, take the opportunity to experience this remarkable ecosystem and learn about its amazing history.

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