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Breakwater and Lighthouses


If you enjoy long walks with magnificent views, consider a trek across Provincetown’s Breakwater, located just a few steps down the street from Land’s End Inn. The breakwater takes you directly to the very tip of the Cape, to Wood End, and then to Long Point, a beautiful beach and historical lighthouse. On your walk you can enjoy sightings of seals, fish, crabs, and a whole host of other marine life.

Just make sure to plan your walk according the tide! During high tide, there are sections of the breakwater that become impassable so you might find yourself stranded for an hour or two if you don’t plan well. If a round trip hike sounds a bit daunting, do not fear! There is a water taxi service that will take you from Long Point to Macmillan Pier or Flyer’s Boat Rental. Be sure to bring water, sunscreen, and snacks, as you will not be able to source these while you are on Long Point.

Alternatively, if you want to experience the bay by water, rent a kayak and make your way over to long point. It is an easy paddle over to the other side and you can still explore all that Long Point has to offer!

Water taxi and Kayak Rental: